Business Consulting
Take your business to a new level with our expertise!

Business strategies evolved through a decade of research and active involvement with the industry makes our job easy! We help you design a job and organization structure that are the key elements for aligning people role, competence and performance with the business strategic demands through a transparent framework that will provide a client with:

Enhanced linkage with business strategic objectives
Optimized integration with business processes
Improved organizational structure and hierarchy
Enhanced clarity of job role and responsibility
Segregated job accountability and authority
Defined competence and performance measures

A highly successful business has a fully defined hierarchy in its team structure. DIC with its talented professionals ensures that the business is fully aligned - up and down its hierarchy – which will create an environment for more open and focused performance, directly impacted upon teamwork and collaborative capabilities. A number of evaluation and weighting tools will be used to translate role into hierarchical structure that will make the client suitable organization charts for core and support strategic and operational business units and rank jobs in benchmark with successful corporate cultures and leading industry practices.

DIC has the expertise to develop the required job descriptions through structured feedback from job experts to establish objective based performance measures and competence profiling required by the job.

In addition DIC has the capability and methodology for conducting market benchmarking for human resource planning and right sizing.