Career & Competence

Competence Framework Development & Assessment
Maximize your human capital competence!

Corporate performance and strategic status in the market place is highly dependant on the quality of human capital competence! This competitive advantage can be maximized organizations will need to ensure alignment of its human talent with its strategic objective demands as well as professional and market competence standards. DIC will work in partnership with clients to customize, design and implement the required competence framework by:

Defining strategic and organizational competence demands
Designing a framework of core and special competencies
Designing measurable competence standard scales
Developing required levels of competence dictionary
Developing employee competence based development programs


Talent Assessment

Business success is proportional to having strong leadership - individuals with the background, skills and motivation to drive business results while gaining the support and commitment of those around them. Competence based talent assessment is the right researched and tested tool to ensure best results for selecting the right person for recruitment, training and promotion.

DIC has established strategic alliance with leading competence based assessment firms that offer technology based solutions to measure personality and skill competence for professionals.

DIC’s assessment center has been facilitated with the required set up to receive and provide nominated candidates, with the appropriate interactive assessment in the selected areas of:

Finance & Accounting: To assess the financial numeracy, accuracy and analytical skill levels.
Customer service & call center: To assess ability to provide quality customer service.
Personality & Sales aptitude: To assess personality characteristics and selling ability.
Secretarial & Administrative: To assess core secretarial, administrative, and clerical support skills.
IT & Software skills: To assess technical programming, networking, developing and Data-base skills.
Other tests for legal, healthcare and technical professions can be arranged as per client request.

Career & Succession Planning

Each organization needs to ensure that they find people to fill each key role in the company. Through your succession planning process, you recruit superior employees, develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and prepare them for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles. Leadership and business success is only sustainable so far as the organization has been proactively committed to identification, development and replacement of talent with the suitable successors at the right time.

The lack of proactive career and succession planning will only lead organizations to face disorder in search for the last minutes successors and increasing legislative pressure for improved job localization targets.

DIC has a proven record of expertise of working in partnership with clients in the region to develop and implement socioeconomic driven career development and succession planning systems by:

Identifying career development and succession planning requirements
Designing career development and succession planning policy guide
Developing career development and succession planning programs
Implementing career development and succession planning systems
Integrating career and succession planning with strategy & HR grids
HR Audits