Key building block in HR Management!

Job Evaluation

Every organization needs some method of paying their employees fairly depending on the size of the job they do. Determining the relative size of each job within an organization can be a time consuming, costly and potentially contentious exercise. The process of job analysis and evaluation is a key building block in the HR management, as its results will make the base for establishing the suitable salary grade structure and pay equity in the firm. DIC can lend a hand to its clients to design and implement the full cycle of proven job analysis and evaluation system that can be customized to meet the client’s specific needs.

A 6 point – factor approach governed by customized factor scale and weight scheme is used to determine the relative size of each job and value in comparison to other jobs within the organization.

DIC will work in partnership with client to:

Define discrete benchmark jobs  
Design analysis questionnaire  
Conduct job interviews  
Audit and analyze job data  
Produce job rank order  

Salary Survey

Recruitment and retention of qualified employees is a common goal of many companies. For an organization to attract and retain the right talent, it will be urged to ensure the internal and external equity of its compensation and rewards competitiveness.

At the time when job evaluation will aid the internal equity of job grade and value, salary survey will assess the external pay equity and market competitiveness.

DIC possesses the consulting expertise, for designing and implementing salary survey for both public and private sector organizations by region, country or sector to cover total and selective remuneration elements of base salary, allowances and benefits, by:

Identifying job and market benchmark
Identifying survey elements and criteria
Designing & conducting market survey
Collecting, validating and compiling data
Analyzing data & presenting reports

Compensation & Salary Modeling
Improve employee satisfaction!

Compensation is a tool used by management for a variety of purposes to further the existence of the company. Compensation has its critical impact on employee income, standard of living, attitude and performance on the job.

Employer competitive advantage to attract and retain required talent can be increased by pay equity in benchmark with market.

Also will improve existing employee satisfaction and increase DIC will use competitive market benchmark and leading industry practice to support client initiatives for:

Conducting Market Salary Survey
Designing Salary Grade Structure
Developing Compensation Policy Guide
Designing Reward Management Program
Developing Profit Share Reward Scheme