HR Planning

HR Strategy
Design the highest value organization!

Translating business strategy into a workable, measurable HR strategy while simultaneously tapping into the needs and motivational patterns of individual employees in order to unleash their maximum value! The ultimate aim of any HR strategy is to design the highest value organization. Aligning people performance with the business strategy needs more than just understanding strategy and using latest technology. DIC consultants will work in partnership with business, technology and HR executive professionals to align people performance through translation of business strategic demands into strategic HR objectives by:

Understanding business demands
Developing HR strategic objectives
Developing HR strategic business plan
Designing HR strategic alignment policy

HR Policy
Policies for growth!

The HR policies provide the foundation for a mutually supportive environment distinguished by equal opportunity and sound business practices. To ensure the effectiveness of HR management and compliance to the requirement of prospective country labor laws and leading industry practices, organizations are advised to unify the policies governing their HRM practices.
DIC has multinational experts who will work in partnership with client executives to develop the required guide of HRM policy standards encompassing all areas of HRM practice:

Developing HR Planning & Recruitment
HR Job Evaluation & Compensation
HR Training & Development
HR Performance & Rewards
HR Competence & Succession Planning
HR Industrial Relations

HR Planning

Right talent at the right time and cost!

Sound HR planning is needed for a company to achieve success. Forecasting short and long term HR needs and defining potential sources of supply and cost are critical to securing the required talent at the right time and cost.

HR planning process is overlooked, as organizations tend to proceed with recruitment and training with less attention to the HR planning.

DIC has HR planning models that could be shared with clients for:

Assessing & forecasting
HR requirements
Conduct HR market benchmarking
Conduct HR right sizing and rationalization plans
HR planning for manpower resources utilization
HR search/Talent Search