HR Surveys

Perform better, smarter & faster!

The increasing demands of today’s business environment, company executives are placing more pressure on the human resource function to perform better, smarter, faster, and cheaper, while providing more value added services.

In addition to supporting workforce requirements and general business initiatives, the activities of HR are increasingly focused on managing the broader human capital capabilities required to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage. The intention of conducting HR effectiveness audit is to review the HR function’s capability of aligning corporate performance with the organization’s business strategy demands.

DIC will work in partnership with its clients to evaluate effectiveness of HR..

Strategy alignment
Policy compliance
Process design
System integration
People performance

The objective of this audit is to ensure customer satisfaction through constructive analytical feedback for improved quality of product and service.

Employee Surveys
A company is only as good as its employees!

Every company should try to get employee and respond to their needs, their ideas and their suggestions. If you could read your employees' minds, you'd have higher retention rates, lower absenteeism, improved productivity, better customer service and better morale. On the job performance is dependant on employee satisfaction, thereby on the achievement of organization goals. This audit aims to treat employees as internal customers and developers of quality products and services provided by the organization.

DIC will work in partnership with its clients to identify issues and recommend solutions for:

Corporate culture
Corporate image
Employee expectations
Employee moral & loyalty
Employee turnover