Performance & Rewards

Performance System

Continued performance improvement systems are fast replacing traditional performance appraisals in modern business practice which aim to not only to provide a year end review but a year round performance feedback and evaluation to align individual achievements with corporate strategic objectives.

DIC will work in partnership with clients to design and mentor a 360o multi-rater performance management system that will provide.

Strategy based performance alignment
Competency related performance linkage
Continuous performance feedback tracking
Performance related rewards weighting
Performance management policy guide

Rewards System
Retain, Reward & Motivate!

Many companies today are realizing that they need a better way to retain, reward, and motivate their employees. Providing an improved reward program would go a long way to contribute towards attracting and retaining the suitable executive and professional talent required to lead the business to its desired destiny.

Rewards programs are powerful tools that significantly influence employee behavior and performance towards achieving and exceeding their organization’s business goals.

Whether its strategy and performance based reward or needs to designing the right mix of profit and equity share rewards and incentives plans, DIC is prepared to work in partnership with clients to meet this challenge in line with client’s specific needs and leading market practice to:

Develop reward management strategy and policy
Develop competence / performance programs
Design executive profit share / stock option schemes
Design executive reward and incentive programs
Design professional rewards and incentive plans
Design sales incentive metric plans and programs
Developing performance based reward measures