Research & Surveys

Feasibility Studies
The dynamics of the business marketplace!

Many companies operate in a very dynamic environment, where competitive edge can sometimes be gained by applying technology solutions. The feasibility study is the first step in business development. Whatever the nature of the business, our feasibility reports are ever sensitive to changing conditions and emerging or untapped opportunities to capture the full dynamics of the marketplace.

Our consultants work with clients through all stages of the feasibility study as agreed in the customized scope of work to evaluate various business scenarios.

DIC conducts feasibility studies that aim to:

Analyze the market & explore opportunities
Identify challenges
Define viability
Propose feasible options

also conducts organization effectiveness audit for many of its clients which has become absolutely necessary in today’s competitive business environment just to be sure their company is ready for meeting the demands of targeted strategic objectives and expected results.

Customer Surveys

Maintain the cutting edge in Business!

Customer Feedback is an absolute necessity for a business to maintain its cutting edge. DIC in partnership with its clients will use technology based tools and team expertise to design and conduct a customized customer feedback audit in the areas of:

Quality assurance
Time response
Price leadership
Market competitiveness
Product reliability

Organization Surveys
Surveys are an excellent feedback tool for both employees and managers. They identify potential problems before they cost you money, and existing problems before they cost you more money. DIC has developed a standard organization fitness audit which aims to assess and report on the overall organizational performance in the areas of:
Strategic alignment
People effectiveness
Process efficiency
System integration
Structure compatibility
Customized Surveys
On occasion, the data a client seeks is not readily available or difficult to obtain. Many clients are aware of their needs but do not have the time or resource to conduct the necessary audit to define and document these needs. DIC will design and conduct custom surveys created to deliver high-quality information tailored to client needs. We work with clients to understand specific business issues, and design an approach that obtains the best possible results. We conduct macro diagnostic audits with a focus on the primary areas of interest, to define and recommend the appropriate action plans and budgets for performance improvement priorities.